- Chilli Jams
 - Small batch, artisan produced luxury gin liqueurs and preserves
Chilli Jams

We make a selection of lovely chili jam products containing chillies for those who like a little heat :o)
Our 'jams' have a multitude of uses including making a tasty accompaniment to meats and cheeses, to sandwich fillings or for something a bit different try adding a spoonful to your gravy or pasta sauces.

Our mildest product is our Sweet Red Chilli Pepper Jam - delicious for those who like the taste of chilli but not the heat. This jam is excellent with dishes such as Thai Fish Cakes.
For the lovers of chillies we produce a Fiery Green Chilli Pepper Jam, which is as the label says is green and has lots of heat!! - for those who like a good amount of heat.

Available jar sizes and prices

Our chilli jams come in two different sizes -

  • Small (contents vary between 100-130g)  - £3.00 each

             This jar makes an ideal size for those wishing to trial something new.

  • Medium - (contents vary in weight between 200  & 230g)-  £3.80 each
           Our most popular size for those who love their chilli jams.

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