- Chutneys
 - Small batch, artisan produced luxury gin liqueurs and preserves


Our range of scrummy chutneys are made from fresh vegetables and fruit locally sourced wherever possible.  Whether you are looking for the perfect accompaniment to your ploughman's lunch, sandwiches or searching for a perfect picnic partner you are sure to find it from our selection below:

Available jar sizes and prices
Our chutneys are available in two different sizes of jars -

  • Medium - (contents vary in weight between 200- 230g)-  £3.00 each

           This is our most popular size.
  • Small (contents vary between 100-130g)  - £2.00 each

          This is an ideal size for people wishing to trial new flavours. 

  Our Range:
  Apple & Fig Chutney - this lovely apple chutney includes real fresh figs.

  Caramelised Red Onion Chutney - an all time classic chutney with fresh Lincolnshire

  Caramelised Red Onion Chutney with Chipotle Chillies- a twist on a classic
  chutney combining the smokiness of chipotle chillies.

  Chilli - Lilli - our popular piccalilli with chillies for those who dare.

  Grantham Chutney - combining what makes Grantham famous, apples and chillies.

  Harvest Ale Chutney - containing the famous Yorkshire Theakstons Old Peculiar ale

  Orchard Chutney - containing apples, pears & apricots

  Pear & Date Chutney - this chutney is great with cheeses, mixing the subtle fruit  
  flavours of pear and date to act as a non-overpowering accompaniment.

  Piccalilli - Our classic piccalilli

  Rhubarb and Date Chutney - this chutney is great with cheeses, combining the 
  sweetness of Rhubarb with dates.

  Sleaford Ale Chutney -a nod to our home town- this dark rich chutney contains
  real ale.

  Tomato & Apple Chutney - this tomato and apple chutney is great with sandwiches.

  Tomato & Chilli Chutney - for those who like their chutneys with a little heat.



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