- Fruit Jellies
 - Small batch, artisan produced luxury gin liqueurs and preserves
Fruit Jellies
Made from  locally grown apples and herbs wherever possible these jellies are the perfect accompaniment for cold and hot meats. Try them with your Sunday roast or for something a bit different stir a
 a spoonful into your gravy.

Available jar sizes and prices
Our jellies are available in two different sizes of jars -

  • Medium - (contents vary in weight between 200 - 230g)-  £3.00 each

           This is our most popular size.
  • Small (contents vary between 100-130g)  - £2.00 each

          This is an ideal size for people wishing to trial new flavours.

Our Range:

     Apple & Mint Jelly
     Apple & Rosemary Jelly
     Apple & Sage Jelly
     Crab Apple Jelly
     Redcurrant Jelly

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