- Marmalades
 - Small batch, artisan produced luxury gin liqueurs and preserves

Our amazing marmalades come in variety of flavours, several of which have won awards in the 'World's Original Marmalade Awards' (please see our news page for more information on our latest award winning flavours).

Available jar sizes and prices
Our marmalades are available in two different sizes of jars -
  • Medium - (contents vary in weight between 200- 230g)-  £3.00 each

           This is our most popular size.
  • Small (contents vary between 100-130g)  - £2.00 each

          This is an ideal size for people wishing to trial new flavours. 

Our Range:

Boozy Marmalade Seville orange and made with our sumptuous marmalade gin liqueur - Worlds Best Marmalade Awards Silver Winner 2017.

                Clementine and Cointreau - a tasty way to start the morning  with this a
                pureed fruit recipe using zesty clementines and  real Cointreau (won a
                highly commended at the World's Best Marmalade Awards 2012).

                Lemon Marmalade - Try this zesty marmalade for your breakfast as an
                alternative to Seville Orange- yummy!

Lemon, Honey & Lavender Marmalade. Combines the taste of fresh lemons with tasty honey and lavender. Worlds Best Marmalade Awards Silver Winner 2017.

Limoncello Marmalade - A twist on the traditional Limoncello, containing our Lemon Gin. World's Best Marmalade Awards Silver Winner 2017.

                 Saint Clements Marmalade. As per the famous nursery rhyme this lovely   
                 marmalade contains fresh oranges and lemons.
                Seville Orange Marmalade - A classic breakfast accompaniment.
                Seville Orange and Ginger Marmalade - Our classic marmalade with a
                twist for those who love ginger.
                Seville Orange & Liquorice Marmalade - This marmalade is made with
                small  pieces of liquorice 'floating' in a Seville orange marmalade - this little
                beauty won a bronze award in the World's Best Marmalade Awards 2012 -
                has a decadent liquorice taste.
                Seville Orange and Whisky Marmalade - Our classic marmalade including
                with real whisky.



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